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North American Churches and the Cold War

History textbooks typically list 1945–1990 as the Cold War years, but it is clear that tensions from that period are still influencing world politics today. While much attention is given to political and social responses to those first nuclear threats, none has been given to the reactions of Christian churches. North American Churches and the Cold War offers the first systematic reflection on the diverse responses of Canadian and American churches to potential nuclear disaster.

A mix of scholars and church leaders, the contributors analyze the anxieties, dilemmas, and hopes that Christian churches felt as World War II gave way to the nuclear age. As they faced either nuclear annihilation or peaceful reconciliation, Christians were forced to take stands on such issues as war, communism, and their relationship to Christians in Eastern Europe. As we continue to navigate the nuclear era, this book provides insight into Chris-tian responses to future adversities and conflicts.


William Alexander Blaikie
James Christie
Nicholas Denysenko
Gary Dorrien
Mark Thomas Edwards
Peter Eisenstadt
Jill K. Gill
Michael Graziano
Barbara Green
Raymond Haberski Jr.
Jeremy Hatfield
Gordon L. Heath
D. Oliver Herbel
Norman Hjelm
Daniel G. Hummel
Dianne Kirby
Leonid Kishkovsky
Nadieszda Kizenko
John Lindner
David Little
Joseph Loya
Paul Mojzes
Andrei V. Psarev
Bruce Rigdon
Walter Sawatsky
Axel R. Schäfer
Todd Scribner
Gayle Thrift
Steven M. Tipton
Frederick Trost
Lucian Turcescu
Charles West
James E. Will
Lois Wilson

Paul B. Mojzes

Paul Mojzes is professor emeritus of religious studies at Rosemont College, Rosemont, Pennsylvania, and coeditor of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies. His previous books include Balkan Genocides: Holocaust and Ethnic Cleansing in the Twentieth Century.

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