This image is the cover for the book Easy X Times Tables

Easy X Times Tables

Over 4,000 years ago, Babylon introduced multiplication. Then, 1,500 years later, the Greeks unveiled geometry. And during the Islamic Golden Age, the world was graced with the advent of algebra. The overarching goal of Easy X Times Tables is to highlight the profound influence of such mathematical breakthroughs on our world. Our mission is to redefine how children perceive mathematics, emphasizing its ever-evolving nature and its deep-rooted impact on our existence. By igniting young imaginations, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation not just for numbers, but for their intricate dance with the universe. Dive in and discover how mathematics has shaped, and continues to shape, our world.

Nuala Walsh Nagle

Nuala Walsh Nagle is a mother of five children. All her children were home-schooled to some extent. She has varied interests including crafts to reading novels, history, archaeology, science, and, of course, cooking. She has attended third level college on two occasions and later as a mature student.