This image is the cover for the book A Woman Scorned

A Woman Scorned

This is a murder mystery based in the province of Almeria, Spain. Meeting two families who move from the UK, we follow how their lives intertwine, ending in tragedy. The reader is taken along a path which inexorably leads to one conclusion, but with a twist in the tale – is it the right conclusion? The first in a series of murder mysteries, we meet the two crime fighters: Morgan, an ex-CID detective retired in Spain, and his friend Morales, an inspector in the Spanish police force.

Christine Smith

The author, Christine Smith, retired and moved to Spain in 2009. Having written the story of her move from the UK to Spain and then resurrecting a children’s book her father had written, Christine turned towards fiction. A Woman Scorned is the first book in which we meet Morgan and Morales, the two characters who will appear in future books of the series.

Austin Macauley Publishers