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New York Times Bestseller: The popular radio host and former Secret Service agent reveals how leadership and security failures have endangered Americans.

In The Fight, Dan Bongino picks up the story where his New York Times–bestselling book Life Inside the Bubble ends, tackling important political and security issues and offering new solutions. From Hillary’s emails to the security failings at the White House (including the drone crash and the fence jumper), from Charlie Hebdo to Bowe Bergdahl, the author examines how our government has allowed our security efforts to lapse both at home and abroad. He also offers solutions to the growing terrorist threat and how we can protect American citizens while also deconstructing what’s wrong with our political process and what his experience running for office has taught him.

As a former member of the elite Presidential Protection Division who served three presidents, Bongino is uniquely qualified to provide a view from behind the curtain to warn readers about the political system that is failing them, and the security future that won’t protect them. The majority of Americans only come into contact with security when they fly or enter their workplace. They are rarely able to become acquainted with the politicians they know from robocalls and TV ads. Bongino has experienced the inner workings of the national security apparatus and the failed political theater that we all feel but rarely understand. Using a mix of recent events, an insider’s analysis, and tales from his time protecting the president, he shows where clear and foreseeable leadership failures led to grave consequences. From a broken political process to a government that consistently misreads the American people, he shows us where America has gone wrong and how we can fight back.

The Fight shines a much-needed light on the troubling games DC politicians and insiders play with the American people.” —Sean Hannity

The Fight is a lesson plan for fighting back against the Washington DC political machine.” —Mark Levin

Dan Bongino

DAN BONGINO served in the Secret Service during the administrations of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. In 2011, he ran for the Senate and finished second. He ran for Congress in 2014 and lost by one point. He hosts a radio show on WMAL, and guest hosts on the Sean Hannity and the Mark Levin radio shows. He provides commentary for CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and others. His first book, Life Inside the Bubble, was a New York Times bestseller. He lives in Florida.

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