This image is the cover for the book Ethical Sellout

Ethical Sellout

A collection of real-life stories that convey how to maintain integrity while navigating situations that challenge personal principles.

We all fear selling out. Yet we all face situations that test our ideals and values with no clear right answer. In a world where compromise is an essential aspect of life, authors Lily Zheng and Inge Hansen make the bold claim that everyone sells out—and that the real challenge lies in doing so ethically.

Zheng and Hansen share stories from a diversity of people who have found their own answers to this dilemma and offer new ways to think about marginalization, privilege, and self-interest. From these stories, they pull out teachable skills for taking the step from selling out to selling out ethically. The Ethical Sellout is for all those committed to maintaining their integrity in a messy world.

“This book is packed with wisdom that you can incorporate into your daily lives and stories that you get lost in. If you are doubting your decisions or feeling guilty for not living your truth, this book is for you. I have no doubt that everyone out there will find a story or two that resonates.” —Sara Nasserzadeh, Senior Cultural Advisor to the United Nations

The Ethical Sellout blows wide open the conventional understanding of what it means to “sell out.” Zheng and Hansen with their witty commentary, vivid storytelling, and timely suggestions for selling out ethically have written a primer for all of us looking to find our way.” —Dereca Blackmon, Assistant Vice Provost, Diversity and Inclusion Office, Stanford University

“It is refreshing to consider the concept of selling out through a new lens and striking the balance between meeting our needs and staying true to our higher purpose. Zheng and Hansen courageously consider a question so many of us wrestle with and draw groundbreaking conclusions.” —Jennifer Brown, CEO, Jennifer Brown Consulting; author of Inclusion and How to be an Inclusive Leader; and podcast host of The Will to Change

Lily Zheng, Inge Hansen

Lily Zheng is an organizational consultant, executive coach, and design researcher who works with organizations to create healthy, inclusive, and innovative workplaces. A coauthor of Gender Ambiguity in the Workplace, she has written for dozens of media outlets, including the New York Times, Quartz at Work, Entrepreneur, and Psychology Today. Zheng frequently speaks at companies such as Google, Affirm, and Entelo. She has received the Lyons Award for Service, the Outstanding Achievement Award, and the President’s Award for Excellence through Diversity from Stanford University. She received her master’s degree in sociology from Stanford University.

Inge Hansen, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist and leads the Outreach, Equity, and Inclusion program for Counseling and Psychological Services at Stanford University. She is the cofounder and director of the Weiland Health Initiative at Stanford, which promotes mental health and wellness across all genders and sexualities. Hansen also cofounded Gender-Inclusive Stanford, a campuswide initiative dedicated to creating a better environment for transgender and nonbinary students. Hansen has developed several courses in the realm of gender and sexualities including Challenging Sex and Gender Dichotomies in Medicine, Human Sexual Diversity and Health, and Transgender Studies. She co-organizes and hosts the global event World Sexual Health Day on behalf of North America.

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