This image is the cover for the book Baba’s Bites

Baba’s Bites

Baba’s Bites is a passion project by siblings Matthew and Rebecca Teague. Born in Cardiff, Wales and having spent a lifetime immersed in the world-city of Hong Kong, they have both been heavily influenced by global culture and cuisine, taking particular interest in the food and wisdom of India. With backgrounds in therapy, energetics and food, Matthew and Rebecca are Ayurvedic and Yoga Lifestyle Consultants, but moreover enthusiasts for life and creatives at heart. Their vision is to create a cookbook that fuses the ancient Indian healing wisdom of Ayurveda with a modern approach to plant-based eating. This is a crossover they feel can work wonders as an aid for people on their journeys to lessening their environmental footprint, reducing their toxic burdens, and facilitating the healing of the all-too-common gut-related illnesses that take root in imbalanced diet and lifestyle. The recipes in themselves contain only natural ingredients and are fully free of preservatives, additives and other nasties. Hand-made and designed as a sketchbook, the book’s beautifully drawn illustrations are works of art in themselves. The book includes an accessible yet informative introduction to Ayurveda, designed as an entry for those just venturing out into the subject. Otherwise, the book in itself is a wonderful little addition to any kitchen, with its unique and easy-to-follow recipes. Baba’s Bites is packed full of useful ‘bite-sized’ guidance on how to create and maintain a healthy being, with the well-being of our planet in mind.

Matthew Teague

With a passion to make a sweet little mark on the world, Rebecca is the younger half of the sibling duo, honorary sous-chef and the paintbrush behind our illustrations and creations. Away from the drawing board, Rebecca practises as a certified yoga and Ayurveda wellness consultant, energy work practitioner, occupational therapist and a yoga teacher, while currently furthering her training to become a psychotherapist in London, UK. Over the past 10 years, Rebecca has personally used Ayurvedic principles and other alternative healing modalities to reverse a number of chronic imbalances within her hormonal, emotional and gut health. Alongside her brother, Baba’s Bites is a creation of holding hands in the power of expression, community and a hope to continue to share the wisdom of these practices, with each person’s individuality at heart. She wishes you to feel held in your endeavours and empowered to create positive change worldwide through the creations in this book. Both the hands behind the food and camera shutter, Matthew’s creativity and love comes intuitively in consciously combining ingredients. He believes that one’s connection to food and its origins naturally connect them to their roots – symbolically and literally. His well-rounded and holistic scope on the planetary and human dilemmas that we face has been inspired by his studies of human geography, food systems and permaculture, alongside a deepening passion in eastern approaches to Ayurveda and energetics. He is moved to understand how we can fuse the wisdom of these schools to create solutions for our inner and outer biomes. Now a certified Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and breathwork practitioner, Matthew currently cooks wholesome and healing foods while travelling to events and retreats worldwide. He dreams to share his wisdom and offerings at his own restaurant one day. He sees strength in combining his vision with his sister’s, who is on a remarkably similar trajectory. Hence, Baba’s was born.