This image is the cover for the book Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors tells the story of two mothers who began investigating serious health issues in their own son and daughter—and ended up writing an expose about the declining health of an entire generation of American children. In their relentless attempts to improve the health of their own children, they uncovered harmful trends in our food, pharmaceuticals, and environment, all stemming from weak laws and conflicts of interest. What they discovered shocked and ultimately empowered them to get actively involved in questioning and reforming these harmful, out-of-balance practices, and to inspire other moms to do the same. Behind Closed Doors not only offers scientifically verified evidence of how declining industry practices are harming our kids, but showcases solutions like environmental medicine and other integrative health practices, shares personal success stories, and provides tools and solutions parents can immediately implement—equipping and inspiring us all to stand together for change.

Joanne Stanton, Christine O’Donnell

Joanne Stanton has a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Temple University. She has fifteen years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry as both a senior scientific communications writer and senior medical writer. Joanne also spent fifteen years coaching both high school and college field hockey and served briefly as the Associate Director of Athletics at Gwynedd-Mercy University. She has worked in the community in various volunteer positions, including five years with the American Cancer Society’s Childhood Cancer Program and Coaches vs. Cancer School Initiative Program. She is currently involved in community and political activism surrounding children’s environmental health issues. Joanne resides in Harleysville, Pennsylvania.Christine O’Donnell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Work from West Chester University. Christine worked as a social worker assisting the geriatric population and their families before starting a family of her own. She is involved in environmental and political activism in her community as well as various other community-building projects and volunteer work, including spearheading two recycling programs. Christine is an environmental enthusiast and natural advocate for children’s health issues. The inspiration to create Behind Closed Doors originated after Christine’s daughter suffered chronic health problems as an infant and toddler. Christine resides in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

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