This image is the cover for the book Rebirth of Little Sweet Wife, Volume 5

Rebirth of Little Sweet Wife, Volume 5

When he was still alive, Mu Qixi's husband had killed her miserably, causing her entire family to fall into the hands of others. When he opened his eyes, Mu Qixi, who was well-versed in the future, acted as though she was hanging her end.

Scoundrel, after looking for her true love, she directly walked towards the peak of her life. "Master Four, Madam is fighting with another woman." "Damned woman …" "Fourth Master, don't get angry with Madam." "How dare you bully my wife, destroy her." "Master Four, a man has come looking for Madam." "Just say that Madam is busy and is not free." "Hubby, I need to discuss something with you." "Alright, let's talk inside …" Join Collection

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