The Drood family has been safeguarding Humanity for generations. Facing down the horrors of the hidden world so you don’t have to. So you never have to know just how bad things can get. In the Secret Histories.

It’s always the dangling threads, from cases that were never properly closed, that come back to haunt you. It’s the nature of the secret-agent job that you’re never going to get to the bottom of every mystery, never completely shut down every evil organisation, never put a hand on the shoulder of every villain. It’s always the one you’ve forgotten all about that does for you in the end.

There is a man who gets away with murder. A man who specializes in removing the problems from other people’s lives by killing the people who cause those problems. He operates from the darkest shadows of the hidden world, coming and going unseen. No one knows who he is—just his nom de mort.