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Memories of the Way We Were

I stood in front of the headstone which read ‘Rita Rocca Nee Tomlin (15/6/1942 - 21/10/2020)’ and thought, ‘Is this all there is? Her name on a headstone with mine to follow.’ I remembered a warm May Day in 1948, when we both kneeled at the same altar waiting for a priest to give us our first taste of Jesus. She, in her white dress, was wondering if the day would yield enough for a new doll and pram, while I wondered if mine would yield enough for roller skates and maybe a new football. I recalled the honeymoon in Jersey in 1963, Miss World at the Royal Albert Hall in 1980, and the ball that followed at the Savoy Hotel. I said, “Sorry girl, I can’t give you a Taj Mahal, but I will write a book, which will hopefully make us more than just names on a tombstone.”

D. D. Rocca

The author, Donal Rocca, also known as Don Rocca was born on 5th August 1941 in Dublin, Ireland to an Irish mother and Italian father. After a formal education by nuns, lay teachers and Christian brothers, he started his third level education in Atlantic College Dublin followed by Kevin St College, Dublin. Further third level education spanning more than forty years took place in Plymouth Technical College and Company courses run by Marconi, AEI, and Racal—to name but a few. Don became a seagoing radio officer with Marconi Marine in 1960 and in 1966 he joined their staff as a marine technical assistant. In 1974, he joined the Decca Radar Co. later Racal Decca rising to Dublin area manager in 1984. In 1993, Don in association with Kieran Campbell started their own marine electronics company. Camroc Electronic Ltd. CAMROC…CAMPBELL ROCCA. Don is still owner and joint managing director of Camroc Electronic Ltd.

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