This image is the cover for the book Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant

Forbidden Liaison with Miss Grant

An unexpected encounter . . .

Will change everything!Self-made gentleman and widower Grayson Maddox has devoted himself to his children and business, leaving no time for pleasure. Until he has an impulsive, thrillingly sensual encounter with lady’s companion Miss Constance Grant! Their passion gives Grayson hope of a happiness he never thought he’d feel again. But there’s still much in both their pasts to confront before they can turn their forbidden liaison into a new beginning . . .

“The queen of historical romance… As always, Ms Kaye’s writing is perfection, the passion for the characters and the story shines through, honestly, I can never say a bad word about her writing.” —Chicks, Rogues and Scandals on An Inconvenient Elmswood Marriage

“It is character growth that enables them to find happiness together. It distinguishes the romance, raising it above a simple conflict between love and duty. Insightful. Highly recommended.” —Historical Novel Society on An Inconvenient Elmswood Marriage

“Ms. Kaye is one of my favorite authors of historical fiction . . . A recommended read!” —Romance Junkies on An Inconvenient Elmswood Marriage

Marguerite Kaye