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No Regrets Parenting

“A busy parent’s time management guide, demonstrating how to find balance . . . and transform everyday routines into special times.” —Publishers Weekly

No Regrets Parenting focuses on the simple truth that the long days of busy parenting race quickly by and, looking back someday, the years with kids will feel far too short. Written by renowned pediatrician and distinguished parenting expert, Dr. Harley Rotbart, No Regrets Parenting teaches parents how to experience the joy of raising kids amidst the chaos of daily routines. Carpool, bedtime, bath time, soccer practice, homework, dinner hour, and sleepovers all become more than just hurdles to overcome. They become opportunities for intimate and meaningful time with kids— opportunities to turn fleeting minutes into memorable moments.

With up to date content addressing the needs of today’s busy families as well as two brand new sections –one on parenting adult children and another on grandparenting--this updated and expanded edition answers the ageless question: How can you do it all…and stay sane in the process?

No Regrets Parenting is something special, and something a little different. Dr. Rothbart writes to help us turn painfully long minutes into funny moments. . . . It’s more about being a parent than it is about actually parenting the kids themselves.” —New York Times

“A gem of a book.” —Harvey Karp, MD, creator of the New York Times bestselling books and DVDs The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block

“Working parent or stay-at-home mom or dad, Dr. Rotbart’s wise advice and refreshing ideas will make you want to pick up this book again and again.” —Parents magazine

Harley A. Rotbart

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