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Complete Duffy Series, Duffy

Seedy, sly London private detective Nick Duffy is on the case in a series that’s “exciting, funny and refreshingly nasty” (Martin Amis).

Nick Duffy was a copper on the vice squad until malicious rumors about his own sex life ripped through the force. Now he’s in private security. No stranger to London’s seedier offerings, Duffy is just the right man for cases that are a little morally slippery—in a sharp-witted series that has “the snap and crackle of Raymond Chandler” (The Washington Post Book World). In these four novels, “it is the Nabokovian blend of funny and sinister, the sense of tongue in scarred cheek, that lingers” (The Sunday Times).

Duffy: Hired by a disreputable businessman who’s being blackmailed by one of the city’s most dangerous crime lords, Duffy must navigate Soho’s underworld of prostitutes, porn moguls, and hoods.

“One of the most colourful and entertaining English thrillers.” —London Evening Standard

Fiddle City: The freight thieves of Heathrow Airport have a problem: Someone has been pilfering more than his share. These Heathrow hoods need a private detective to find out who’s been robbing them—and down-and-out Duffy takes the case.

“The characterization is exact, the action gripping, and the writing pleasantly ironic.” —The Times (London)

Putting the Boot In: Every football team expects injuries, but Third Division Athletic seems to be exceptionally unlucky. The manager hires Duffy to find out who’s intentionally kicking the team while it’s down, and soon he’s taking on everyone from diehard fans to hard-core skinheads.

“Kavanagh is as beady-eyed and hilarious as ever, Duffy a disgraceful chuckle and more.” —The Observer

Going to the Dogs: As the security consultant who installed a dodgy burglar alarm, Duffy is called to a country manor to find out who defenestrated the owner’s dog. But he arrives to find Braunscombe Hall full of eccentric guests, aka suspects.

“In Going to the Dogs, author Dan Kavanagh does it with verve and humor.” —Newsday

Dan Kavanagh

Dan Kavanagh was born in County Sligo, Ireland, in 1946. After an uncompromising adolescence, he left Ireland when he was nineteen and roamed the world. He has been an entertainment officer on a Japanese supertanker, a waiter on roller skates at a drive-in eatery in Tucson, and a bouncer in a gay bar in San Francisco. He boasts of having flown light planes on the Colombian cocaine route, but all that is known for certain is that he was once a baggage handler at Toronto International Airport. He lives in Islington, North London, and works in jobs that (with mild paranoia) he declines to specify.

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