This image is the cover for the book Besieger of Cities

Besieger of Cities

Epic historical adventure of one of the most infamous of ancient Macedonians.

In the dawning of the Silver Age of Hellas, the Greeks have exchanged political freedom for enormous wealth. But is membership to the new world Empire worth the loss of Liberty? In this new world, any man might be capable of anything. The enigmatic Demetrius believes he can do just that; win back the Empire that his father had helped Alexander to found.

Fighting with increasingly ingenious methods, he becomes known for using archers mounted on elephants to conquer castles, and will become one of the most famous men of his time…

This epic historical adventure of the ancient Macedonians is perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell.

Alfred Duggan

Historian, archaeologist and novelist Alfred Duggan's first novel, Knight in Armour, was published in 1950, after which he published at least a book every year until his death in 1964. His fictional works were bestselling page-turners, but thoroughly grounded in meticulous research informed by Duggan’s experience as an archaeologist and historian.

'An extremely gifted writer who can move into an unknown period and give it life and immediacy' The New York Times

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