This image is the cover for the book The Bitterest PLC To Swallow

The Bitterest PLC To Swallow

If you’ve ever worked in a pub, currently work in one, or simply have an interest in the history and evolution of pubs, Neil’s book is a must-read. In this insightful and entertaining memoir, Neil shares his experiences and observations about working in local estate pubs during a time when they were the heart and soul of their respective communities. Through humorous anecdotes and blunt opinions, Neil highlights the many challenges faced by pub owners and workers in the modern era. From policies that leave him screaming to people who make him swear, Neil pulls no punches in his assessment of the pub industry. The book also explores the transformation of local estate pubs into modern-day branded establishments, such as curry houses and convenience stores. Neil’s revelations are sure to surprise and shock readers, and may even cause them to question the value and quality of the food and drink they pay for in these establishments. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Neil takes readers on a trip down memory lane, revisiting the fun pubs of the 80s before they became bitter PLCs. Through Neil’s vivid storytelling, readers will laugh, cringe, and even taste the history of these once-beloved establishments. In the end, Neil offers his take on what happened to pubs and what they have become. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the history and evolution of pubs, and may just make you think twice about where you choose to spend your hard-earned wages.

Neil J Moore

Neil was born in North Nottinghamshire in 1965 and started helping out in pubs as a glass collector. It wasn’t long before the pub life became his career goal and with the help from a couple of mentors who worked for Whitbread at the time, the life of a publican had begun. Neil embarked on a crazy journey that saw him move home more times than he can remember, each time taking on a new challenge in another broken down pub, or managing the opening of a shiny new pub in a city centre. Sometimes the job was to open a whole new brand of pub or bar, most of the time role was very exciting, but also very much blood, sweat and tears hard graft. As Neil approachers the final few years serving beer and food to what feels like millions of people, he has a story to tell, secrets to spill, so has has written it all down.

Austin Macauley Publishers