This image is the cover for the book War of Seeking Immortals, Volume 1

War of Seeking Immortals, Volume 1

Yang Qi, a medicine shop assistant, went to the demon temple to pick seven leafed orchids. Unexpectedly, he met the immortal, and was able to teach Ganmo Feijian. From then on, he embarked on a dream like journey of cultivation. Among the 100000 mountains, Yang Qi flies in a kite boat to fight against the king of giant ants in the world of fairyland and Wu Qilin, the demon phase in the desperate battle. He has not only made great progress in skill, but also won a great reputation. In order to prevent the ghost army from slaughtering the city, Yang Qi breaks through the Yin and Yang evil spirits. With the help of Shidou monk and barefoot immortal, he finally kills the bloodthirsty corpse devil and successfully arrives at the holy mountain of Dahui Zhao. He has a greater understanding, becomes a saint in body and becomes a sword immortal.

Lin YanFei, Babel Novel